Design Technology

At Greenfields, we ensure that children are at the heart of our teaching and learning in DT.  We aim to make DT an inspiring, creative, rigorous, and practical subject. Through our Enquiry curriculum, DT links are made to the   themes to ensure the pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems. They draw on subject knowledge from STEAM subjects (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). This year the  implementation of CREST resources – a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientific ideas – will ensure that the children will also develop an understanding of the impact of design and technology in the real world. By making links to DT during  STEAM and World of Work workshops, we aim to show the children the careers than could be open to them in the future with DT (STEAM) skills.

Every year, as a school we enter the National Primary Engineer Competition. Last year, one of our children was one of the winners for the North East and she was presented with her certificate at Sunderland University. A photograph of her being presented with her certificate is on our STEAM and World of Work gallery. This gallery, alongside our DT gallery, showcases children throughout the school participating in DT related events and lessons.

Children have participated in webcasts with inspirational engineers in the UK, had visits from STEM ambassadors from the Northumberland County Council  Business Enterprise team plus real –life engineers from RAF Boulmer and BT.  This year we are continuing our links with  engineers via live links and also the National Wesminster  bank will be working alongside us to design, market and cost some Super Smoothies! Parents have participated in STEM family learning events and North Tyneside World of Work team have worked alongside year groups making them aware of the wonder or the world of work and future careers to think about.

During our Greenfields University time, DT skills and processes have also been  taught. Within Engineering children are given challenges and have had to cooperate to determine which skills they would use to complete the challenges.

DT lessons also help to educate the children in nutrition and the teaching of cooking skills and techniques. All children at Greenfields have the opportunity to cook outside at Forest school and also the option to attend a ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ our cookery after school club.

DT is also part of our outdoor learning programme and a recent trip to learn about Celtic life involved year 3, using different tools to thresh and grind corn to make flour. Then, as a team they used the flour to make bread and cook it on an open fire.  After visiting a Celtic house and  studying the materials used to make it,  they gathered materials to design and make their own shelter in the woods of the Rising Sun Park.

Exciting times ahead at Greenfields where through DT, children will    strive to be the best they can be and feel pride in their achievements, give them  self belief, aspiration and memories to treasure.


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