Class 5S

Class 5S enjoy working together on our Enquiry themes. One of our favourite Enquiry questions was WERE THE VIKINGS ALWAYS VICIOUS AND VICTORIOUS?  Becoming a member of The Hairy Hooligan Tribe and designing our own fantasy dragon meant we were fully involved in our class novel ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.  The Viking theme provided great links to cultural influences – both locally and nationally- so helping us gain an understanding about how Britain has evolved into such a diverse society over hundreds of years. Viking invasions and resolving conflict played a huge part in this topic. Our speaking and listening, role play and drama sessions all helped us understand to  respect and tolerate everyone’s viewpoint. By putting ourselves in role we could explore the beliefs, feelings and values of the people of that time, as well as our own.   Being able to link the Viking theme to Northumberland was amazing and made it all seem so relevant and real! We also invited in an Art Consultant with whom we explored Viking art through printing – you can see the pictures on our Twitter page!

This half term our Enquiry question is WHAT MAKES BRIDGES SO STRONG? Again, this is ideal for relating our learning to the real world and our locality.  Relating our learning to real life situations helps us to work hard on becoming more independent learners.  Maths and Design Technology will be high on the agenda for this theme!

We explore all subjects through our ‘Learning Habits’. This means we always work together, asking questions, supporting each other and always strive to try our best.  Our ‘Mistakes of the Week’ board shows that we do make mistakes, but we know that we learn from them.  Great achievers always have great failures too. We love pointing out when Miss Smith makes errors and Miss Smith loves it when we ask her questions.  She always says she is there to support us, so that we can be the best that we can be.  While she’s teaching, Miss Smith likes to laugh and enjoy herself, because she says that when she was at school her best learning experiences were with teachers who made learning fun and exciting.

We look forward to inviting in our families and carers to share our learning at the end of each half term – building long ships and bridges before half term!

. . . phew, that’s about it for now!

Oh, don’t forget that our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays, so we must make sure that we have our kit in school then – white t-shirt, black shorts, trainers. Also, our homework is given out on Fridays and collected the following Wednesday, when our weekly spelling test takes place.

Visit our Twitter page for more information and photographs of our learning @GCPSYear5


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