Class 4S

Welcome to class 4S!

Our class teacher is Miss Smith. If you have any questions or you would like to talk to her about anything, she is on the KS2 playground before and after school every day,

We began the year reading The Machine Gunners by a local author, Robert Westall.  It was brilliant. This book linked to our Enquiry question ‘Why is the River Tyne so important to Newcastle?’. Miss Smith really enjoyed our enthusiastic participation in the drama and role play linked to the book. She also loved giving us Personal Bests for  the writing that resulted from these sessions. Each half term we study a different book related to our Enquiry question, so we are looking forward to exploring writing in different genres.

So far, water cycle songs and dances have helped link our Science and Enquiry themes. These activities, alongside exciting practical Science investigations, both inside and outside, make  learning   fun. There will be many more investigations, art, singing and dancing in the year ahead.  Our class is involved in the POLLI:NATION project, which means that we will be improving a part of the school environment to attract more pollinating insects.   STEM projects like this will hopefully help us think about what we might want to do in the future for a career!  Miss Smith constantly explains why we are learning what we are learning in lessons and how it will help us in real life situations.

In Year 4, we also work on developing good learning habits. You can see them all by clicking on this link: GCPS Learning Habits.  Mistakes are a part of life and when we make them in our lessons,  they usually  lead to learning! Having a Growth Mindset, Going for Gold and thinking of ways to improve our work ensure we try be the best we can be and earn lots of Greenfield stars and house points!.

Each half term we have a learning reflection event to celebrate the work we have been doing. Our parents and carers are invited into school so that we can show them what we have been learning.

To find out what we are learning about each half term, the Year 4 curriculum plans can be found here.

If you have any questions or you would like to talk to Miss Smith about anything, she is on the KS2 playground before and after school every day.



Important things to bring to school:

Water Bottles – children can bring their own water bottle into school and store it by the sink in the classroom. Please make sure that water bottles only have water inside.

Reading Folders – children need their reading book and reading diary in school every day.

PE – children need their PE kit in school every day. PE kit consists of a white t- shirt, black shorts and plimsolls/sand shoes.

Homework – Homework is sent home every Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school by Wednesday morning.


Please visit our Twitter page @GCPSyear4 to follow our regular updates of the children’s learning and important information.

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