Class 4S

Welcome to class 4S!

Our class teacher is Miss Smith. If you have any questions or you would like to talk to her about anything, she is on the KS2 playground before and after school every day,

Class 4S are now in the summer term and are reading ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’. It was written in the 1960’s and is full of magic and fun. Miss Smith can see that it is really inspiring our writing and we as a class are really feeling proud of the reading, writing and discussions that are evolving week on week.  So many of us are achieving personal bests in English as we are acting on the challenges Miss gives us when giving us feedback about our work. In fact, this goes for every subject. We are awarded house merits, Greenfields Stars and Personal Bests whenever we have achieved well.

As The Phantom Tollbooth was written in the sixties it provides us with a link to our Enquiry Question’ What if you were born in the 1900’s?’ Apparently, when Miss Smith was at Primary school she used to read a lot of books.  In fact, Miss is a real life artefact from the 1900’s, as she was born in 1964!! She had told   us there were no computers, I pads or mobile phones as forms of Leisure and Entertainment when she was young.  Therefore  she had no excuses not to read and she says neither have we!! We love reading and we are rewarded for entering any reading we have been doing out of school in our reading records, not just our reading books.

As well as literature form the 1900’s we have been studying toys from the 20th century. Miss bought in some of her toys and some even older toys. We examined them closely and then we researched more on the internet and compared them to toys today. In our homework we have been asking our parents/carers about what they did to entertain themselves and this too has supported our learning. Examining adverts and looking at archive films has helped in engaging and motivating us to learn more.

In Science, we are studying Sound and have been using so many different instruments to explore what makes sound, different sounds, pitch etc.  Group work has involved us collaborating with each other to produce presentations and videoing them as if we were presenting on  You Tube. We shared them with the class 4L and hope to also share them with parents and carers in this half terms Reflection week, at which we will share all this half terms work.  As part of our STEM work this term we will be using data loggers to detect and measure sound. In addition to this, we will be working alongside the Groundworks team to help improve our |Pollination areas.  All this work  alongside us interviewing engineers in webinars, real life engineers coming to the class room! Not forgetting the STEM activities with RAF Boulmer who came in with their giant Meccano sets! Ask us about how that went plus the debate about boys or girls toys!

This year, so far has been amazing, not long until year 5.  Miss says all she asks is that we strive to be the best we can be and feel proud of our achievements. The best belief is self-belief and Miss Smith believes that we all have such unique special talents. Through our learning Miss hopes that we realise that we could be scientists, artists, engineers, mathematicians, technician, etc., to name but a few. We are always thinking about how our learning relates to careers in real world and what we could achieve! That is why, where possible we link our learning to real life problems and situations.


In Year 4, we also work on developing good learning habits. You can see them all by clicking on this link: GCPS Learning Habits.  Mistakes are a part of life and when we make them in our lessons,  they usually  lead to learning! Having a Growth Mindset, Going for Gold and thinking of ways to improve our work ensure we try be the best we can be and earn lots of Greenfield stars and house points!.

Each half term we have a learning reflection event to celebrate the work we have been doing. Our parents and carers are invited into school so that we can show them what we have been learning.

To find out what we are learning about each half term, the Year 4 curriculum plans can be found here.

If you have any questions or you would like to talk to Miss Smith about anything, she is on the KS2 playground before and after school every day.



Important things to bring to school:

Water Bottles – children can bring their own water bottle into school and store it by the sink in the classroom. Please make sure that water bottles only have water inside.

Reading Folders – children need their reading book and reading diary in school every day.

PE – children need their PE kit in school every day. PE kit consists of a white t- shirt, black shorts and plimsolls/sand shoes.

Homework – Homework is sent home every Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school by Wednesday morning.


Please visit our Twitter page @GCPSyear4 to follow our regular updates of the children’s learning and important information.

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