Class 3L

Welcome to Class 3L.

Our teacher is called Mr Lumsdon, who is available on the playground before and after school every day if you would like to talk about anything.

Class 3L is a class full of high achieving, highly motivated pupils who strive to be their best. In 3L there is no such thing as failure, only steps to success. We always help each other in class by questioning and supporting each other. We start and end the day with a smile, being positive all day long.

We’re really enjoying Year 3. Our first Enquiry question was ‘Were the Greeks really groovy?’. We read ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ in English, which turned out to be an exhilarating thriller that kept us on our toes. We wrote recounts, newspaper articles and instructions, that all applied to the Percy Jackson story. In maths, we learned all about Greek acrophonic numbers, which was very difficult . . . but we love a challenge! Our Enquiry lessons saw us learning about the Ancient Greek gods, dancing to traditional Greek music, trying Greek cuisine like olives and feta cheese, writing letters to join the Greek army and much more. We looked at humans, animals and nutrition in science, which showed us how we can stay healthy and be fit, just like the Greek gods. Our writing and maths was truly inspirational, with every child in 3L producing some fantastic work.

Then we moved on to volcanoes with our Enquiry question ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ We learned how they are formed, where you can find them and we even had a go at making our own. In English we read ‘The Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ to find out what could be beneath the Earth’s crust. We compared the movie with the book and found out that they are set in different time periods, so we compared our modern time period with the 1800s.

After Christmas, we studied the exciting Stone Age. A lot of this work focused on our inference skills, as we needed to try and understand how some of the characters and animals would have felt. We knew how important it was to share ideas to support each other, but we also knew that we had to respect each other’s viewpoints. The ‘Stone Age Boy’ text really stimulated our imagination and helped us to understand the cultural differences of how humans used to live. We even got to create some of our own cave drawings on the Key Stage 2 yard!

Then we learned all about our European friends in France. We celebrated French culture and looked at how some of the French ways of life compare to our British values. Every Thursday we were lucky enough to be taught by Manon, a French teacher from Montpellier in the south of France. Let’s also not forget how we taught our parents to build the Eiffel tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows – that was such a fun lesson! Most importantly, we learned a lot of new French vocabulary and discovered we already knew so much about the geography of France.

After Easter, we learned all about Pop Art. We designed all sorts of pop art of our own, made comic books and wrote super hero adventure stories for everyone to share, because we are incredibly proud of our work here in 3L. Also, we love co-operating to plan stories together.

This final half term of Year 3, we will be looking at our local mining history and we will be asking all parents and grandparents if they have any local knowledge or stories that can support 3L’s learning.

Don’t forget, we do P.E on Wednesday and Thursday so you need your kit for those days. We will be swimming again in the final half term before we break up for summer.

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