Class 3I

Welcome to class 3I.

Mr Irving is our teacher and he is available on the playground before and after school every day, if you would like to talk about anything.

Class 3I are a group of well-mannered and dedicated children, aspiring to succeed in every task put in front of them. We are a team, all aspiring to do one thing: to be the best that we can be and not only achieve our potential but exceed it too.

We work extremely hard to learn in new, innovative ways. This involves lots of practical and visual learning, which we all thoroughly enjoy, as it helps us through some tricky challenges.

We have been thoroughly engrossed in our reading this year, especially ‘The Stone Age Boy’ and ‘War Game’.  Both books were intriguing and we adapted the story lines to create our very own stories relating to the same plot, including drawing our own cave drawings outside like the Stone Age Boy.

Another good read was the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ graphic novel, which sparked great enthusiasm from all of the children in 3I.

In enquiry, we researched “What art makes a sound?” This led us to look at pop art and the various pop artists such as, Andy Warhol, Robert Hamilton and Roy Lichtenstein. This also led to us making our very own pop art designs.

We have also been going to Forest School, where we have built our own shelters and broadened our minds with outdoor team activities. Not only this, we have indulged in hot chocolate and melted marshmallows – what more could you want?

This half term, we are going back to our roots and learning about local history and investigating “Did mining shape the Wideopen we know today?”

As always, we are striving for success every second of every day. We are aiming to be the best we can be!

Just a reminder – This half term, class 3I are swimming on Thursday afternoons, so please remember your swimming kit. Thank you in advance.

Y3 Curriculum plans can be found here.

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