Class 2RA

In class 2RA, we are always aspiring to give our children every opportunity, so that they can achieve their full potential. We always try our very best and help each other when needed.

We always look to provide the children with enriched and meaningful Enquiry topics that engage and motivate the children encouraging them to form a love of learning.

At the end of each topic, we love having parents and carers come into school and share our love of learning. We conduct reflection events to maximise learning experiences and give the children’s parents insight to what we have been learning. The children absolutely love showing off their work!

In class 2RA, we also look to ensure the children are the best version of themselves by making sure they know right from wrong and rewarding the well-mannered choices they make daily. Not only this, We want to make sure the children feel safe and secure at all times and they know that we are always there for them for whatever the issue might be.

Ultimately, our children are encouraged to believe in themselves and they will achieve their potential.

To find out what we are learning about each half term, the Year 2 curriculum plans can be found here.

Each half term we have a learning reflection event to celebrate the work we have been doing. Our parents and carers are invited into school so that we can show them what we have been learning.

Parents and carers in 2RA are also connected to school through ‘Seesaw’. This means that they can enjoy watching their children’s progress every day.

In Year 2, we also work on developing good learning habits. You can see them all by clicking on this link: GCPS Learning Habits

Important things to bring to school:

Water Bottles – children can bring their own water bottle into school and store it by the sink in the classroom. Please make sure that water bottles only have water inside.

Reading Folders – children need their reading book and reading diary in school every day.

PE – children need their PE kit in school every day. PE kit consists of a white t- shirt, black shorts and plimsolls/sand shoes.

Homework – Homework is sent home every Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school by Wednesday morning.

Please visit our Twitter page @GCPSyear2 to follow our regular updates of the children’s learning and important information.

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