At Greenfields, you know that our children know how to behave from the moment you walk in through our doors, because they are polite and courteous, display a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning.

We have a strong pastoral system at Greenfields, that is based upon an expectation that children will do the right thing. We have very clear rules for the children to follow and we make sure that parents and carers are fully involved and informed about their child’s behaviour.

GCPS Behaviour Policy


Behaviour – the Home/School agreement

When you decide that Greenfields is going to be the school for your child, at the admissions meeting you will be asked to complete and sign our home/school agreement. It outlines what we will do for your child and also what your responsibilities are as a parent/carer of a child attending our school. You can download a copy from the link below:

GCPS Home School Agreement

At Greenfields, we will not tolerate:

  • Bullying, whether verbal, physical or emotional
  • Discrimination, whether by word, action or attitude
  • Fighting or deliberately hurting others
  • Swearing or bad language
  • Disobedience or refusal to co-operate


Attitude to Learning – Merits

Our attitude monitoring and mentoring system is designed to promote good conduct behaviour and good attitudes to learning. The system is based upon collecting merits and we want to be able to give every child 8 merits every day, because we believe that every child can meet the expectations of the Home/School Agreement.

Merits are all about reward and expectations. We introduced this system, because parents and carers told us that there should be a way to recognise and reward those children who are doing all the right things every day.

The merits are directly linked to the Home/School Agreement that sets out what you can expect from school and what we expect from you and your child.

Every time a child collects 200 merits, a ‘Spend or Save’ voucher will be sent home with a congratulations letter. We have 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400 merit prizes to save up for. As well as earning a prize for themselves, children can also present the bottom of the voucher to their House Leader for 200 points to be added to their House total. At the end of every half term we also celebrate the children’s achievements with certificates for them to send home.

A Guide to Merits for Parents & Carers



Greenfields has a well-established ‘House’ system within school that underpins house point rewards. Our houses are named after Northumberland Castles – Alnwick, Bamburgh, Chillingham and Warkworth. Each child is placed in a House when they are admitted to school – brothers and sisters are placed in the same House group.

Every week we count up the number of house points that each house has collected and at the end of each term we award the House cup and there is a House treat for all children in the House with the most points.

At the start of each academic year there are house captain elections. Any child in Year 6 can run an election campaign to be selected.


Anti- bullying

We have very effective measures in place to ensure that bullying within our school is rare. When bullying does occur we have strong systems in place to ensure that it is dealt with appropriately.

We have Pupil Support HLTAs  and Teaching Assistants, who provide pupil support and run our two nurture bases, known as the ‘Den’ and the ‘Rainbow Room’ at lunchtimes. We also provide support through systems such as ‘worry boxes’ and mentor pupils where potential barriers to learning have been identified through analysis of attitude data.


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