Values and Ethos

Our school values statement expresses the shared beliefs of our school community and sets out the core purpose of our school:

  • To provide inspirational learning opportunities, so that all children can achieve their potential, becoming lifelong learners
  • To deliver an enriched, meaningful curriculum that engages and motivates children, fostering a love of learning
  • To build strong relationships with parents, carers and community partners to maximise learning experiences for all children
  • To ensure children understand their rights and responsibilities, enabling them to make appropriate behaviour choices, showing care and respect for each other and the world around them
  • To create a safe, nurturing environment, in which children strive to be the best they can be and feel pride in their achievements, leaving with self belief, aspiration and memories to treasure

BELONG to the Greenfields family, BELIEVE in yourself, ACHIEVE your potential



BELONG to the Greenfields family . . .

We nurture a close community within our school that is built firmly on foundations of mutual respect, support and responsibility. Being part of our Greenfields family and the wider community, ensures that our children are happy and safe and that parents and carers and other stakeholders are working towards the same aspirational goals.

BELIEVE in yourself . . .

Greenfields gives children, through a closely tailored curriculum, the skills, knowledge and confidence to not simply believe in their own ability to achieve but to see high achievement taking shape before their eyes. Whether it is exceptional examination results or excellence in sporting activities, Greenfields gives our children the opportunities to believe they can and will.

ACHIEVE your potential . . .

We know that all children have the right to achieve their best. At Greenfields we are relentless in our quest to make this happen for all our children. We do not see our job as ‘done’ unless all of our children are being the very best they can be.

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