Every aspect of school life at Greenfields is driven by our school values. There are clear links between what we say the ambition for our children is and how we intend to achieve it. 

It is our aim to enable our children to stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before and create things which may well help them fuel solutions to society’s problems. 

We celebrates and embraces the different backgrounds, heritage, language and traditions of all the children living in this country as well as introducing them to the best that has been thought and said in the past and present.

At the heart of our school are the four key values running through all aspects of school life:

...be amazed

~ stay curious and follow your dreams… never lose your sense of wonder ~

…be brave

~ confront your fears and take a chance… mistakes are the best lessons~

…be original

~ never stop asking questions… seek out the answers ~

…be bold

~ you are capable of changing a situation… become the explorer of tomorrow ~

The light-bulb represents the big dreams and the sense of curiosity fostered by introducing our children to the widest of worlds including the most spectacular that the human and natural world has to offer.

The footsteps represent the confidence to take a chance. Our children know that making mistakes are fundamental to learning. We know that the skills of resilience are developed over time.

The raised hands represent fostering our children to be questioning and evaluative of all they see and hear. Our children are encouraged to think originally about what they have learnt.

The mountains represent the skills of reflection to ensure children understand how they have gained the knowledge they have. Our children know that their learning is not defined by content but by developing the skill of using what they know. It is a combination of confidence and caution in the right measures and at the right time.