Greenfields Community Primary School is a larger than average, vibrant and forward thinking primary school situated in Wideopen in the North West of the borough of North Tyneside; bordering Northumberland and Newcastle. 

We have bold ambitions for all of our children; Greenfields is a place where children and our community are at the heart of all that happens, a place where every individual’s ability is recognised, developed and rewarded. 

Pupils make good progress from their starting points and attain well across a broad range of subjects in comparison with schools nationally. We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of education for our children and as a result encourage them to develop an understanding of how they have gained the knowledge they have. Our children know that their learning is not defined by content but by developing the skill of using what they know, a sense of responsibility and a confidence in their own ability to succeed; essential qualities that will equip them for lifelong learning.

Greenfields Community Primary School is well equipped with a large hall and stage, a gym and access to a privately run swimming pool on site. 

We are incredibly lucky to have extensive school grounds which supports us in delivering a whole curriculum rooted in the benefits of outdoor learning.